Docker Architecture

Kubernetes Architecture

There are three main components that form the core of Skyramp:

  1. Skyramp Library

  2. Skyramp Worker

  3. Skyramp Clients

Skyramp Library

The Skyramp Library equips developers with essential tools for distributed testing on the client side. It collaborates with the Skyramp Worker, residing within your cluster, to facilitate service emulation and testing.

For local testing during development, you can leverage the Library's functionality through our Clients. Alternatively, integrate the libraries directly into your CI pipelines for crafting customized testing solutions.

Skyramp Worker

The Skyramp Worker forms the backbone of the testing process. It's deployed within your cluster using Docker Compose or Helm into a Kubernetes cluster. Interact with the Worker either through the Library or via Skyramp Clients. The Worker offers various management capabilities crucial for testing and development, such as running and overseeing mocks, generating test loads, managing and visualizing tests, and more.

Skyramp Clients

Skyramp offers two types of clients for inner development loop testing:

  1. Terminal Client: The Terminal Client offers a comprehensive set of CLI commands for ad-hoc testing. Install it with a single command. For more detailed installation instructions visit our language-specific installation pages.

    bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  2. VSCode Extension: The VSCode Extension provides a visual interface to interact with Skyramp directly from your development environment. For additional details, please refer to the VSCode Extension page.

Cluster Orchestration

Skyramp supports Docker Compose for orchestration, as illustrated in the architecture diagram.

© 2024 Skyramp, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Skyramp, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Skyramp, Inc. All rights reserved.