Getting Started

Running Tests

Running Tests


In the previous sections, you learned how to write and generate Python test files using Skyramp. Now, let’s explore how to execute and debug those test files effectively. This guide will walk you through running tests with optional runtime arguments, ensuring your applications perform reliably and efficiently.


Replace path/to/your/test/ with the actual path to your written or generated test file.

Optional Arguments

  • -h, --help: Display the help message and exit.

  • --address ADDRESS: Specify the address of the worker responsible for executing the job.

  • --override-code-path OVERRIDE_CODE_PATH: Override the Skyramp assert code path, providing flexibility in test validation.

  • --endpoint-address ENDPOINT_ADDRESS: Override the default endpoint address, enabling testing against different environments.

  • --duration DURATION: Set the duration for load testing, controlling the duration of test execution.

  • --at-once AT_ONCE: Control the concurrency level by specifying the number of concurrent threads for the job.

  • --count COUNT: Specify the number of times to execute the scenario or test, facilitating iterative testing.

  • --skip-verify SKIP_VERIFY: Skip Certificate Authority (CA) verification, useful for testing in development or local environments.

  • --global-vars GLOBAL_VARS [GLOBAL_VARS ...]: Pass various parameters via command-line arguments, enhancing test configurability.

  • --blobs BLOBS [BLOBS ...]: Specify blob overrides, enabling customization of test data or payloads.


python3 tests/ \ --global-vars token=QLKMTdE3DhmO1iv4WiwXOdEuw4fe3OET \ --count 1000 \ --at-once=10

In this example, the script runs with a concurrency level of 10 threads, each executing 1000 requests. It leverages command-line arguments to pass essential parameters like token, ensuring seamless integration with the testing environment.

What's Next

Using Skyramp tests helps developers check if their system works well and performs as expected. Skyramp-generated test files are flexible and easy to use, making testing simpler. For debugging and troubleshooting, head to the Debugging Tests section to learn more about using the Skyramp dashboard. Understanding debugging techniques ensures smooth testing experiences, allowing developers to identify and resolve issues efficiently.

© 2024 Skyramp, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Skyramp, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Skyramp, Inc. All rights reserved.